The Indians
British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The Indians (2013)

Google Earth satellite image of the Indians (2004)

Underwater camera setup

Camera: GoPro Hero2
Housing: GoPro flat port underwater housing
Battery: Internal plus battery backpack
Mount: 1/4 inch tripod mount
Memory card: 32 GB Sandisc Ultra ("10" speed)
Exposure setting: spot meter setting
Orientation setting: Upside down
Exposure trigger setting: one image every 0.5 seconds
Extension pole: Manfrotto 790B monopod (39 cm closed, 146 cm expanded)
Pole modification: 1/4 inch hole drilled in the bottom of the pole (to attach camera)
Pole modification: small holes drilled in each section to allow air and water to escape
Safety tether: 104 cm soft rope with GoPro Velcro wrist strap

For more information about this camera setup click HERE

All images recorded by Paul Illsley