Introduction to Arduino

Arduino Desktop IDE

Once you have installed and opened your Arduino Desktop IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you will notice a few tools above the white code area.

Introduction to Arduino

Verify: You can test the code before you upload it to your Arduino. This allows you to trouble shoot your code without overwriting the code already on your Arduino.

Upload: Uploads your code to your Arduino.

New: Creates a new Sketch (Arduino program).

Open: Opens an existing Sketch.

Save: Saves a Sketch you have just created or modified.

Serial Monitor: This allows you to view the data being sent through the serial port. It is often used to monitor the process of a program or view data collected by a sensor.

You can also view your data as a graph by opening the Serial Plotter (Tools / Serial Plotter).

Introduction to Arduino

If an error is found when you "Verify" your code, you will receive a notice in this lower black section.
This text will give you information regarding the location (which will be highlighted in red) and nature of the error.
Fix the errors and "Verify" your code again (as many times as necessary), then uploading your code to your Arduino. In this case ";" is missing from the end of "delay(1000)".

Introduction to Arduino

After you have successfully “Verified” and “Uploaded” your code to your Arduino, you will receive a full green “Upload Progress Bar” (lower right corner of the white code area).

Observe the actions of your Arduino and make any necessary code changes.

Created by Paul Illsley

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